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Tip of the Week

I leaned of a trick when moving a scope from one rifle to another or, in my case raising the scope higher up on the same rifle. Before remounting the scope, I wanted to return the crosshairs to dead center or as close as possible.

I first thought I'd turn the windage knob all the way one direction. Next turn it in the opposite direction, counting the number of turns. Divide the number of turns in half and I should be near center, right? Well, maybe.

Sightron told be an easier way. Go in the bathroom were there is a mirror and plenty of light. With the scope set on low power, place the end tight against the mirror. Look in the scope and you will see two sets of crosshairs.

Adjust the windage/elevation knobs until you only see one set. Your scope is now centered.

SouthWest Florida Sportsman's Association (SWFSA) is headquartered in Cape Coral, FL with the range located in neighboring Punta Gorda, FL. SWFSA is an NRA affiliated family organization comprised of men and women dedicated to support the objectives of our club, those being:

We Strive to keep our members informed on current firearms related legislation.

Membership is on a first come first serve basis while maintaining a cap on the total membership to ensure a member friendly club. The membership application is available on the "Application" page.

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