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  1. All gates must be locked at all times. Be sure to set the numbers and then push up on the lock for the hasp to release and then be sure to change the numbers after you re-lock the hasp.

  2. Membership ID card must be visibly displayed at all times while you are on the range.

  3. No children under 18 are allowed on range property without parent or under adult supervision.

  4. No alcoholic beverages are permitted prior to or after entering the Club’s property. Not even in your vehicle.

  5. No Fully automatic weapons or “Bump Stop Type” are allowed on Club property.

  6. No tracer or armor piercing ammunition allowed on Club property.

  7. No live or misfired ammunition to be placed in trash cans; deposit in appropriate container.

  8. No shooting except in the shooting bays.

  9. No shooting at wildlife.

  10. No handling of firearms while people are down range.

  11. COLD RANGE: A cold range is to be a safe range! Firing STOPS. Guns are put down. All uncased firearms are unloaded, with magazines removed and have the action open - safety flag installed. NO GUN IS HANDLED during a COLD RANGE. Shooters may go forward to score or change targets.

  12. Actions of uncased firearms must be kept open.

  13. HOT RANGE: Eye and ear protection is worn. Guns are handled and fired. Everyone remains behind the FIRING LINE.

  14. Shoot at approved targets only! NO glass, bowling pins, exploding targets, or metal targets allowed.
    Metal targets may be used at Club Sanctioned Matches only.

  15. Do not carry loaded firearms beyond the Established Line of Fire.
    Note: White Poles on Bay 1 are setup to Establish a Line of Fire for pistol shoots, when in use.

  16. Keep all firearms pointed down range at all times.

  17. Wear eye and ear protection at all times, whether shooting or observing, in the vicinity of the firing line.

  18. Mis-fired, live ammunition is to be placed ONLY in containers provided.

  19. All rounds must impact the berm. Do not shoot at targets on the ground close to you as the bullets will ricochet out and over the berm/backstop.

  20. There will be no “ground” targets except directly at the base of the berm. All other targets must be placed at the shooter’s eye level.

  21. You are responsible to remove all items you bring to the Range property. That means all your trash as in: ammo boxes, targets, cardboard target backing, cups, cans, bottles, lunch bags. EVERYTHING YOU BRING.

  22. Any violation of the Posted Range Rules or unsafe gun practices must be reported to an officer immediately.

  23. Shooting hours: 9:00 AM to sunset, 7 days a week.

  24. An Emergency Phone is located in the cabinet in Bay # 1.

  25. The First Aid kits are located in a cabinet at Bay # 1 and Bay # 3.

  26. Guest passes are stored at the Range in the White chest on the left side of Range #1. An individual can only be a “guest” 12 times in a year (Jan –Dec). The Guest Pass must be filled out and sent the following day to the Club’s secretary with the $5.00 Guest Pass fee.

  27. “Who is in charge of safety at the organized shoots”? The person running the shoot is the defacto Range Officer (RO) for the day. This is the person collecting the fees, recording the scores, etc. This RO may counsel a shooter who is behaving in an unsafe manner. The RO may prohibit the shooter from further participation in the shoot that day. The RO may ask the shooter to leave the range for the day. In this case the incident shall be reported to the Executive Officer.

    In an extreme case the RO may ask the Executive Committee to remove the shooter from the club. The RO will provide a detailed report of the infraction including date, time, names of witnesses, and all information pertaining to the offense to the Executive Committee in writing and may be asked to appear in person before the Executive Committee meeting for further clarification.

  28. Any member witnessing unsafe practices at the range should report same to the Executive Officer or any officer. Get all info possible including name of person, license plate no., make and color of vehicle, etc. A friendly request to correct the unsafe practice might be in order, but do not instigate a confrontation. Let the officers handle the situation.

Revised 03/29/09

Range Rules (downloadable)

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